Every product, as well as service or any kind of solution might operate efficiently enough on their own, nevertheless if not mixed or united on a regular basis, functional mess and disorders are what pretty much likely to follow as a result. This kind of phenomenon takes place cause the more know-hows a company would implement, the even more complex the systems grow - consequently the troubles they would likely bring about in the long haul, grow larger. At this point - business process automation (BPA) can assist.

Technologies are the enablers of BPA, moreover - they are able to automate various types of workflows up to the level where there remains no necessity in human intervention. Automation is the feature that saves time as well as money, pleases the clients with no longer having to wait in line for a human being to aid them with a transaction, as well as exclude human made errors.


Business Process Automation is a class of software or systematized means which undertakes some difficult, excessive or in any other way complicated tasks and streamlines them into a simplified, independently run process. That is to say, BPA implements less know-how in order to get the very same task fulfilled, thus making your operations considerably less complex and much more efficient. The aim of BPA is to save time for companies and their funds by completing monotonous tasks automated, which then increases productivity by allowing your workers to concentrate on their key areas of competence.


Implementing business process automation software significantly increases the overall effectiveness of management and production. Specialized software aids in monitoring abidance of processes to business rules and provides sufficient information about items moving through your system. Another important benefit is an alarm system that tracks a certain event or unintended occurrences and indicates operator if they take place. Business process automation software manages all low-grade mundane processes, thus providing the ability for the operators to focus on more important tasks, and increasing the productivity of work process.



Along with the growth of your business, it naturally is possible that your company may overgrow a basic contact management system, that will result in making you dwell upon implementing a comprehensive fully featured customer relationship management (or CRM) system. Why? CRM Systems nowadays are rapidly evolving into a crucial competitive strategy for managing and regulating various types of interactions with clients, prospective purchasers and as well as suppliers. Possessing a high-grade CRM system would help your business attract, and win new clients, retain those your company already has, as well as decrease the expenses on marketing and customer service.

The ultimate purpose of CRM, like any organizational initiative, is to increase profit. This is achieved mainly by providing a better service to your clients than your competitors. This technology not only improves the service to customers though; it will as well tangibly decrease costs, unneeded wastages, and complaints (though you may observe some growth initially, the reason is one might hear about things which without our CRM could have remained unseen).

  • Benefits of CRM Systems include:
  • – Sales Automation: Entire control over the sales pipeline by empowering sales teams to effectively manage, forecast and report on all stages of the sales course
  • – Customer Case: Ensuring satisfaction in client interactions and even providing customers controlled access
  • – Marketing Automation: Tracking ROI of marketing programs by automating, tracking and analyzing every marketing campaign, from one-time email communications to multi-faceted marketing programs.

Therefore, to run smoothly, your business needs customer relationship data that's automatically updated, with instant access for employees, and provides a full history of all communications, meetings, and documents shared. This very technology can help you reach significant business benefits which accrue from an effective, integrated Customer Relationship Management approach. These include decreased costs, increased customer satisfaction, ensuring that the focus of the organization is external, growth in numbers of clients, maximization of opportunities (e.g., increased services, referrals, etc.), long term profitability and sustainability.

Forward thinking organizations understand the vital need to maintain a strategic focus on CRM and to resource and manage it appropriately. It is imperative that your business always follow these steps.




We know that you want a store with all of the features you need to not only run your store, but to promote it as well. Our solutions allow businesses to capture large amounts of information and easily make sense of it all. Our technicians are continuously trained and re-certified, and are experienced in line of business. Our years of experience and dynamic team, paired with our technology, reliability and stability, means our clients see great results and frequently recommend us to other businesses. We specialize in smart solutions development, price monitoring, profit calculation, search of patterns in competitors' strategies, designing and developing web-based solutions for small and mid-sized businesses. Every project is carefully analyzed to see which technical approach will work best.



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IT Develop Corp handles all aspects of the web projects from requirements gathering and data definitions, core coding and development, delivery and deployment, and maintenance of web-based application solutions. Our highly professional team excels in cutting-edge development technologies and will gladly assist you to achieve optimal solutions for your most ambitious and complex web projects. We are implementing excellent usability, scalability and universal compatibility in terms of browsers and platforms.

  • Web development:
  • – Custom promo, sites, portals development;
  • – Social media apps development;
  • – Custom business solutions (CRM, ERP systems);
  • – Development on the basis of the ready-made solutions;
  • – E-Commerce automation;
  • Web design;
  • – UI development, usability logic study;
  • – Creation of landing pages;
  • – Prototypes development;
  • – Technical tasks preparation;
  • – Cross-browser optimization.
  • Web Marketing:
  • – SEO promotion;
  • – Contextual/Media ads;
  • – Social Media Marketing;
  • – Reputation management;
  • – Effectiveness tracking;
  • – Remarketing.
  • Web Marketing:
  • – Development and support of ready projects;
  • – Technical support;
  • – Content creation;
  • – Consulting;
  • – Administration
  • Rather than trying to push something past its limits, it's often wiser to invent a tool to do the job.